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Top 5 reasons to choose faux flowers over real

Top 5 reasons to choose faux flowers over real


They look and feel like the real thing.

We only use real-touch natural looking faux flowers and greenery, as well as preserved greenery. Our luxury artificial flower arrangements are deceptively natural to the untrained eye; the true-to-life petal and foliage textures make it hard to tell the difference.


Cost effective. 

Fresh flowers over time are expensive; faux flowers are an investment in your home decor and pay off in the long term.


Low/No maintenance.

Busy? Faux flowers afford you the ability to set it and forget it. No watering and little to no maintenance. 


Forever “fresh” blooms all year round.

You don’t have to be in season to get your favorites; you can get the look any time of year, without the hassle. 


Hypoallergenic and pet friendly.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you might, understandably, feel the the void of keeping flowers at home. With an artificial flower arrangement you can keep your favorite flowers at home easily


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